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FIFO is place dedicated to the Fly in Fly Out worker with time off. Your time off lets us take you to a place that can only be described as an Adults Disneyland, except we have more rides. We take you to Pattaya Thailand for eXtreme Parties and an experience you'll never forget.


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Fly In Fly Out mine and mining workers, drillers, off shore, LNG gas, riggers and the dump truck driver. Also we take, drag line operators with scaffolders and other operators. Most riggers and dump truck drivers with excavators and geologists need time off. All our FIFO sex tours include spots for leading hands and safety officers, labourers, and more. If your working for Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton Fortesue Metals White Haven Coal looking for Iron Ore Copper Zinc Coal Gold Aluminium Diamonds or more flying in and out of From Karratha Dampier Port Headland Hope Down, Extension Hill and working on projects including Ellendale Ewington Fairplay Flying Fox mines. Mining towns near Empress Alicia Duplex Hill South Edna May. All have workers flyinh on our tours flying in and flying out for a holiday from places like Westonia Golden Grove Greenbrushes Frogs Leg. Rio mining sites include Balmoral Central Brockman no2 Agnew Carnilya Hill. BHP mining alliance such as Cloudbreak Tom Price Parabardoo Mount Keith. FIFO workers living out of town and in places called Mount Weld Nifty Ordebody Newman. Try coming on our FLY IN FLY OUT RNR holidays if your from South Limb Otter Norseman project, Mount Jackson. The mining sites with large mines and huge workforce Moranbah QLD Clermont QLD Mackay, Blackwater for example all have mining workers visiting our tours. New mining projects including New Auckland Clinton Rockhampton Weipa Newman. When on RNR as a fly in fly out worker, take your time off and if your work in places like Marandoo, Kundana, Kanowna Belle, Angus Place, Armidale. Construction workers and mining workers from Ashton Baal Bone Gingko Glendell Hawkins Hill Cobar NSW Hillgrove. Mining projects new and old for expansion include workers from Integra Glen Innes Ivanhoe North Karari Lanfranchi Koolanooka Lawlers. Hidden Secret workers FIFO into Moolart Well Koolan Island Koolyanobbing. FIFOSEX tours from Moonbeam Gossan Hill  Hoama, Hill 50 Jaguar are all open cut mines. Janet Ivy Jundee-Nimary have many mining workers and construction workers from Huntly Granny Smith Jimble Bar Kalgoorlie WA, Kamblada, Boulder. In the Pilbara near Gina Reinharts mine of Roy Hill Bullfinch Hamersley. FIFO working life and RNR holidays include people from May Downs Olympic Dam Cairn Hill Angas. The workers in Challenger, Leigh Creek, Mountain of Light all take time off with us and our tours. Eucla Basin and Middleback Range and Roxby Downs is SA have large workforce's. In WA Albany Coyote Daisy Milano these sites are big leave mines. Cometvale Channar Cosmos DeGrussa Coolgardie all have FIFO sex workers and people who like to RNR on our tours. The Cliffs Eastern Range Leinster Collie in WA have skympy's from Christmas Creek Cloud Break Long Maggie Hays. Mining companies including RIO tinto and BHP with induction cards for sites Moonbeam, Moran, Miitel. RIO tinto workers at Magellan Lounge Lizard Nickel mines. BHP working hard to allow FIFO workers from Jarrahdale Gladestone Biloela in QLD to have RNR time off 7 days. The mining town of Peak Downs and Balcooma and Century have been open large mines mines. Cannington IN WA is a big mines and Coppabella also. The mine town of Cook, Burton, Blair Thol near Prominent Hill all have large workforce jobs. To get a job working at White Dam Wallbrook Three Springs mining camps. The towns and campsites at Yannery and Prospero and Plutonic. Towns with construction mining such as Raleigh Sinclair Spotted Quoll all have RNR workers on 7 days swings. Sunrise Dam and Tallering Peak and Leonora WA have 21 day rosters for mining workers. The towns near Robe River and Premier have mining opportunites near Perserverence Paulsens. We run sex tours for workers on RNR from places such as Lynton South Savannah and Spinifex Ridge. Most FIFO workers on RNR need time to relax and we help those from areas such as Pernatty Decline Cameby Downs Wattle Dam. We often organise FIFO flights for workers near Western Turner Syncline. The flights and workers needing FIFO RNR come from Cracow Worsley. RIO tinto FIFO workers coming from Woodie Woodie Yarie Cundaline. Offshore workers, LNG gas workers including RIO RioTinto electrcians in Telfer andTapinos and The Mount. Some BHP electricians and riggers flying into Tindals and Transvaal and Victor have 3 weeks RNR. LNG mining staff from Three Springs and Higginsville take time off to come on our FIFO sex tours usually for 6 day stints. Workers near Wallaby and Whim Creek and Willowdale like our tours to thailand. Rio Tinto has workers flying with us from Wiluna and Dutchess. Most of the BHP staff on rosters of 21/7 fly into Ernest Henry and Foxleigh for work then on RNR the FIFO staff from George Fisher and Cracow and Windarling take time off. FIFO sex tours for your RNR if working in Wodgina and Wombola and West Angelas are the best times to relax. BHP likes workers for FIFO from Crinum and Kestrel. LNG and open cut mines including the Kogan Creek Goonyella Dry South River and Mt Isa mines all have FIFO workers ready to shift and take our tours. LNG projects like Barrow Island and Thevenard Island and Curtis Island offer easy flights from Perth for our FIFO sex tours. Workers in the Hunter Valley and Singleton areas can easily fly out of Sydney for our tours into Thailand. Towns in central QLD like Dysart and Emerald and Sarina allow for flights direct to thaialnd from Brsiabne. Take workers for example in Townsville, Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Wondoan, Esk, and more we can easily book FLY IN FLY OUT Tours.